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Your Four Top Picks For Best Sports Bra

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Thanks to your support we’ve got our top four sports bras, and now it’s time to find a winner. Read up and cast your votes.


Moving Comfort Fiona

The Fiona bra is sized by both band and cup size, so if you’re smaller around but more generously endowed, you can get a bra that actually fits! This bra comes in size 30B to 40DD, and it’s made from material with enough give that you’re not completely strapped down but not so much give that the upper half of your torso looks like a lumpy waterbed.

Another thing I love: the Fiona has two adjustable straps, so if you lose or gain a little weight over the course of owning the bra or if you change birth control or the Mammary Fairy visits and your breasts change size, you can change the fit. - Erin Gloria Ryan


Panache Underwired

My vote is the Panache Sports Bra. The band is 28 - 40", and it goes from B - H cups. There are wires, it breathes, and the straps don’t drive me up the damn wall. Also the level of compression isn’t so much as to actually be uncomfortable. - Supernumerary

My favorite! I love how easy it is to put on and then convert to racer back and vice versa when removing. No terrible one boob at a time maneuvering to escape it. - Laurabrarian


Freya Active Underwire

TopFreya’s Active Underwire: I wear their bigger cup size (they go up to an H!) and there is no bounce and it is comfortable and easy to get on and off. I’ve trained for and completed several tri’s, 10K’s, 5k’s, half-marathons, and a few duathlons in these bras. puts them on sale every so often. - Burner613

I have several different Freya active series, but this by far is the Cadillac. Boobs separated, not uniboobed, not squashed, no frightened into hiding in my armpits, and they do not move. This is a bra-style bra that is the equivalent of an air force jet 5-point restraint for the girls. - Flahda



Amazing. F-cup wearer and while the first time it is worn it feels VERY tight, it keeps my stuff in place unlike anything I have ever experienced...running, jumping, mountain climbers, burpees, you name it, it keeps large and heavy breasts in place. I love it.

In addition to being uncomfortable, you actually waste energy when your breasts are flopping around. They aren’t cheap but they are very much worth it. - nic10

As my bra size has changed over the years, I’ve tried many of the sports bras mentioned in these comments, but after a recommendation for this bra a couple years ago, I have become a complete Enell convert. This bra is a miracle worker for those with a lot to keep in place. - Busty Jew




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