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Our Readers' Favorite Lawn Games

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Photo: Greg Walters (Flickr)

Update: Head over here to see the winner, plus our editor’s picks:


The overwhelming top pick in this week’s lawn game Co-Op was Lawn Darts, a game so dangerous that it’s no longer allowed to be sold, though you may be able to find a set on eBay or at a garage sale. There’s also a modern version that uses weighted darts, rather than metal spikes that could go through someone’s skull, but it’s just not the same.

So excluding deadly, illegal lawn games, these were your five other favorites. So crack a beer, throw something on the grill, and then go check out the finalists. Don’t forget to vote at the bottom of the post!


Kubb | Amazon

This game is great and makes evangelists out of anyone who sees or plays it. Based on an old viking game where they threw leg bones and skulls, it’s simple to learn, fun to play and all ages love it. - PAR4DOX

100% clicked on the article to say the same thing. We used to play a ton of bags (cornhole), but this has become our go-to yard game. - Brad Stevens



Bocce | Amazon

Bocce. The best. Can play anywhere. Has strategy and skill. Can play while drinking. - BocceBoy

In addition, it’s such a simple concept and requires basically NO setup whatsoever. Just open the box and start playing immediately! - humulos


Kan Jam

Kan Jam | Amazon

Kan Jam is a fun game that can be played by a wide-range of ages and abilities. The masters can play with a beverage in hand. It made its name in tailgating circles but translates well to the yard. - UnnamedSource



Mölkky | Amazon

Mölkky (called Finska in Australia)

Super fun. Can be played by any age group (toddler to 100). Just a few simple rules. Can play solo or in teams. You can play on any surface (although grass is best for adding some random bounce). Addictive and can be super competitive. - welease_wodewick

Came here to say this. Was introduced to Mölkky while in Paris. Wife and I had an incredible dinner while watching some young guys play this strange game with wooden dowels in a park across the street. After dinner, walked over and asked them about it. Ended up playing until 1am, making all sorts of racket, and finally getting yelled at to shut up.

Such a great game! - EnduroDoug


Cornhole!! Good for lawn games and tailgating alike. And you can customize your boards. -ObligatoryNonsense



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