Though there were five worthy contenders this week, the simplehuman steel frame dishrack hung the competition out to dry in this week’s dish drying rack Co-Op, matching the brand’s performance from our trash can Co-Op a few years ago.

I love it I love it I love it

Pros : it’s large

Cons: it’s large - bun_up_tun_up

This is the one I have too. The legs have an optional extension that allows it to drain over my (very high) top-mounted sink. The wine-glass holder also supports cutting boards and is a good way to hang things like a re-usable tea diffuser. The previous model included a knife-holder in one of the silverware bins. I really wish this one had that. - rjp

Yes, this is the best one for people who regularly use the dishwasher. Nothing better, IMO. Not sure how great it works for people who hand wash all their dishes. - Verbal Kunta Kinte


While you can never go wrong with simplehuman products, Chelsea really likes this roll-up model for her tiny New York kitchen. When she’s drying dishes, she just rolls it out over the sink, and when she’s done, it fits easily in a cabinet.