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The Five Best Mustards, According to Our Readers

Graphic: Shep McAllister

After dozens of recommendations (and only a few mayo bullies), five mustards ground up the competition to make the second round of this week’s Co-Op. Check out what everyone had to say below, then spread on your own thoughts by voting and commenting at the end of the post.


Colman’s Original English Mustard

Colman’s. Why? Because it is the best. Use a little for great mustard flavor. Use a lot to blow out your sinuses. - kmfurdm

Came here to say this. I got hooked on this stuff when I was living in the UK in 2009 and never looked back. - BrilliantButMedicated

The jar is so small because it has some serious kick. Not spicy exactly. It almost reminds me of a weaker wasabi like mustard. Great with pretzels or on sandwiches. Sometimes I will just have the mustard and some cheese on some bread as a sandwich - Torslin


Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard


The obvious choice: Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard.

It’s the best because... it’s the best. Best flavor, best aroma, best consistency, best on a hot dog. - mwhite66

Agreed. Every other nomination is aiming for second place at best. Gulden’s is the benchmark. It’s the classic that reminds you of what the perfection of the form is supposed to be.

Plenty of great mustards out there. Gulden’s is the greatest. - dbushik

Plochman’s Mild Yellow Mustard


I *love* mustard. I just checked my fridge, and at the moment I only have six different kinds on hand. I say only because it’ll sometimes top a dozen. The only style of mustard I am truly picky about what brand I buy is regular yellow mustard, and it has to be Plochman’s. I’ll even buy a small bottle when going to barbecues and such just to donate so that nobody has to be subjected to French’s or Heinz that the hosts bought because it was fifteen cents cheaper or came in a multi-pack with the ketchup and relish. I don’t know if I would consider Plochman’s to be the best mustard overall, but it is definitely the best of it’s style to a higher degree than any other. - Entity MN

Its not the fanciest but my go to mustard is Plochman’s. You get so much for such a low price and it tastes great! Second would be Whataburger Mustard - cubeenigma 

Best yellow mustard there is. - It’s Me, Austin

Inglehoffer Stone Ground Mustard


It might take a bit of searching, but Inglehoffer’s Stone Ground Mustard is absolutely the best. Maille Mustard is second, but both are amazing. Once you get that deep, rich, tangy-sweet but full-bodied flavor you get from’ll never go back to to Heinz Yellow. - Paladin of The Lost Hour

Inglehoffer Stone Ground Mustard. Because it tastes like something made with real ingredients and not processed all to hell. Available at your local grocery store unless you live someplace that blows, in which case you should move closer to somewhere that sells it. - DennyCrane


Kosciusko Spicy Brown Mustard


Kosciusko Mustard. Absolutely the best mustard you will ever try. Perfect combination of flavor and spice. - Kml




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