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The Four Best Cutting Boards, According To You

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We asked for your opinions on your favorite cutting boards and we’ve trimmed off the fat and sliced it down to four finalists. Now it’s time to pick one board that is a cut above the rest. Read about the finalists and submit your vote at the end of this post.

Restaurant Thick Cutting Board

Cheap, can be dishwashered, you can even saw it in half if you want two smaller ones. Lay some of that sticky rubber shelf lining underneath and presto: pro cutting board for $24. - BrianGriffin


OXO Good Grips

Oxo good grips. Variety of sizes, rubber feet so they don’t move around. Gutter on one side to keep juices in. And relatively cheap. No messing about with oiling, it’s only a cutting board after all. - beez-

Epicurean Cutting Board

We have multiple Epicurean cutting boards that we love. Thin but solid, and really inexpensive. Plus, they’re nice enough to serve on. - Ebobbs

Im with you, I think they are great. And dulling knives? Thats part of the process to re-sharpen! Though after 9 years board still working great, knives (Shun) still great.- BD92


Boos Block Cutting Boards

Boos Block...sizes vary, but you should be able to find one that fits very well on your counter. Personally, I find plastic cutting boards to be sub-par, as they seem to get fairly deep cuts more quickly, and after only a handful of uses become nearly impossible to truly clean (even if they supposedly are clean, they never LOOK clean...stuff just gets caught in the cuts and won’t come out).

Anyway, they are high quality wood boards, very solid, fairly easy to care for, easy to use (keep one side for meat, the other for veggies and flip as you need to during prep) and just plain classy looking. Plus, they seem to last forever.- Osmodius


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