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These Are Our Readers' Favorite Electric Razors

It was too close a shave to determine a winner in our 2018 electric razor Co-Op, but the two finalists are disparate enough products that we can recommend them both, depending on what you’re looking for in an electric razor.


Philips Norelco OneBlade

We’ve waxed poetic about the OneBlade for awhile now, and most of the men on our staff are unabashed fans. That said, it’s not going to give you as close a shave as the Braun Series 7, let alone a manual razor. But if you like the five o’clock shadow look, or want to use the included combs to groom a beard, it can’t be beat for the price.


Here’s what you had to say.

I bought the One Blade as a gift for my gf, but bought one for myself to make sure it was a good gift. Needless to say I loved it, despite it causing the end of that relationship due to her thinking I was “hinting” about her grooming. It’s good for an everyday short but not completely smooth. <shrug.emoji>

For that, the Norelco sensotouch line has worked great for me for years. I use it to shave my head in the morning as well. Much closer and smoother shave, and never nicks or cuts. Takes a little longer and doesn’t work unless your hair is already very short, but for an everyday smooth shave it kills it. I had the 1180, but the new ones look to be much of the same. The real drawback is replacement blades. They are using a version of the Gillette model of selling cheap razors with expensive blades... except that their razors are also expensive. A new senso-touch is around $120 now, and replacement blades are $45 and up. If you don’t need the baby smooth shave, the Oneblade is great. If you can’t find a deal on it like I did, it’s about 1/9th the cost of the sensotouch which is also great. - TheCureForHope

My only problem with it was that when I bought it and used it, I was angry at myself for not getting one sooner. It was a game changer for me. - EakinsOvaltine


Braun Series 7

Braun Series 7
Photo: Amazon

The Braun Series 7, in comparison to the OneBlade, is for people who want a razor-close shave. It also includes a charging base that doubles as a cleaning station, cutting down on maintenance.

I’ve been using one forever (at least 5 years, maybe longer), and it’s very dependable. The foil style shave head makes for a nice close shave. The battery lasts forever on a charge (the longest I’ve gone between charges has been a week, and the little meter only drops down one notch after that time). It’s easy to pop the shave head off and run it under water to clean it or use the self-cleaning charging stand. The foil blades last a long time (I think they recommend changing them every six months, but they last at least a year and a half for me without a noticeable drop performance. And, of course, it includes a pop-out sideburn trimmer.

While the OneBlade is the hip choice for those who like the permanent 5 o’clock shadow look, this is the best tool for the man who likes the smooth shave of a traditional razor but wants the convenience of an electric.- Duke of Kent

So much this.

I’ve gone electric since my skin tends to get irritated with regular blades(anything more than three and I’m definitely out) and I much prefer the convenience of not having to lather up to avoid that. I’ve tried the OneBlade and while I get they’re both very different in terms of capability and of course price, the Series 7 just kicks it’s ass all day. Foil heads last a very long time and the cleaning base is very handy. Never looking back. - YALE70



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