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These Are Our Readers' Six Favorite Halloween Candies

Photo: Luke Jones (Flickr)

Obviously, there’s not one objectively “best” Halloween candy (or is there??), but that’s not going to stop us from voting for a pointless prize! The six candies below got the most stars in our nomination round, but which one would you most like to see in a trick or treat bucket? Be sure to vote at the bottom of the post!


Candy Corn

Candy corn. Nothing comes close. Everyone bitches about it, but it’s the only candy exclusive to Halloween. People who say it sucks are the same people who turn off their porch lights for trick or treating. - RobertPollardsEmptyMillerLiteCan

thank you! I am thankful that candy corn season is but once a year, because I hoover that stuff for a month; if it were available all year round, I would be dead.

autumn colored sugary goodness! - thatsnotyankeestadium

You can go straight to hell - b=rar

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Chocolate + Peanut Butter = Best. - Alexander Jamison

Always and forever. The only candy that matters. - sybann 

Oh for heaven’s sake... everyone knows that Reese’s Cups are the best tasting thing ever in this history of food. Why are we even talking about this? - mwhite66


KitKat Bars


KitKat Dark Chocolate. If they had these when I was a kid, I would’ve kicked in the door of whatever house was handing them out. - JSWilson64_g

I love dark chocolate and consider white chocolate an abomination, I don’t even like milk chocolate... but somehow, White Chocolate Kit Kats are even better.

They used to have a variety pack with dark, milk, and white, and they also had mint chocolate kit kats, I liked those. - Architeuthis Ex Machïna


Take 5


Take 5 - it’s like a Snickers Bar with a salty pretzel in it. It’s divine. I only discovered this candy a few years ago and after a lifetime of snickers worship, this has taken the top spot. - PhilipLegend


Zombie Skittles


This year, it’s Zombie Skittles. Nut-free, you look like you’re being generous, and every 4th or 5th tastes like barbecued feet. So it’s a “treat” and a “trick”, simultaneously. Plus, they keep you from snacking (got one too many zombie ones…) - Phrankenmosk




Smarties. I ain’t even care. - DivideByZeroMostel


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