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These Are the Three Best Coolers

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Well this is awkward. The overwhelming favorite in this week’s cooler Co-Op was RTIC’s hard cooler, which is no longer in production due to to a lawsuit by YETI. You can still find them here and there, and it’s possible confirmed that RTIC will make tweaks and rerelease it in some form later this year. But in the meantime, let’s have a vote on your other three favorites.


Polar Bear H2O Cooler

Excellent quality without the ridiculous pricing. Much easier to get into than a soft Yetti / RTIC cooler and keeps ice just as long if not longer based on tests.- Neil Natic

Yeah, I can vouch for this specific cooler, although I never had a high end cooler before this one.

Got it towards the end of camping season last year and after a couple day trip, things were plenty cold still (i used a few frozen liter bottles of ice instead of bagged ice)

I’ve been very happy with the price/performance ratio of this cooler. -joeyBigMac


AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler


AO Coolers 24 pack. Big enough to hold all the water/drinks/food for practice/race days or for a family of 4 excursion, keeps everything ice cold every after 36 hours in Southwest summer heat. - Pernicious Slug


Got me through the last 3 Indy 500's (Carb Day and Race Day) without having to carry a case of beer switching arms the whole way or rolling my cooler behind me trying to carry it up the bleachers. Worked out great on camping trips, beach trips, grocery store runs, etc. (insert Tommy Boy quote)

IMO if it can survive Carb Day, and your ice is still mostly there on Sunday morning, it’s worth its weight in beer. - Spooky Wagons


RTIC SoftPak


Editor’s Note: Unlike RTIC’s hard coolers, these were recently redesigned to comply with the court settlement, and thus are still under production.

Soft side RTIC 30. Perfect size, keeps ice for days, and is completely waterproof. It’s pricey, but I use it enough that it’s worth it - Jason G.

I picked mine up super discounted (sub $60) right before their new model came out. I haven’t had a chance to test it out in the summer heat, but my test inside at about 70* held ice and 30 beers cold for 5 nights. - JeepXJMan



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