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These Are the Three Best Domain Name Registrars, According To Our Readers

Jens Kreuter/Unsplash
Jens Kreuter/Unsplash

In this week’s Co-Op, three domain name registrars stood out form the pack. So WHOIS going to win? ICANN tell you soon, after you check out the finalists below and vote for your favorite.



I use both Namecheap and Google Domains (and have been a previous GoDaddy customer).

I like Namecheap’s web interface, and their customer service has been very responsive the couple times I’ve needed them. They also have a very comprehensive choice of TLDs, more so than Google. - binaryvisions

There is so much to like so far. Support has been great. Very simple web interface. I got tired or GoDaddy and always trying to sell sell sell. And I HATE the new DNS management window so much. It’s so much slower that what they had before. It takes so much more time to make mass edits. Another good thin about Name cheap is I can purchase domains for customers, and then give them access to see it all. That’s very handy! I get one pane of glass for all domains. I am in the process of moving done over now. We have about 200 domains and 15 SSL certs, so it will take some time. - Tony

Google Domains

Google Domains : : I love it because it’s easy to use, ties in perfectly with the rest of your Google account, and they have free private registrations (isn’t it like upwards of $12/year at other places?). Like others, they have a ton of the GTLD’s to choose from (.ninja, .business, etc, along with the usual .com and .org, etc) Once you get a domain, it’s easy to get a one-click site for Blogger, G-Suite for email, etc... and they have Dynamic DNS built in for the main or sub domains if you want to set that up. - Bazar

Additional benefit, for those of us with legacy Google Apps free accounts (or paid Google Suite accounts), you can configure your domain for GMail (including DKIM, SPF, etc), Drive, etc all with a single click. Price was $12 to transfer in including an additional year, and the following year I renewed for 10 years for $108. Can’t do much better than having your DNS hosted by Google DNS. - BuckCaldwell


They’ve had excellent and responsive service, answered any questions I’ve had about my domains or their services. I’ve moved all of my domains from any other providers I was using. - CthePrez

Hover here as well. I was also impressed with how they handled it when I forgot about my two factor and reloaded my phone, without noting the backup code.

I got my account back, but I had to go through quite a few hoops including a notarized letter. Working at a law firm, finding a notary that would do it was easy for me, but was impressed with the level of verification they required to protect my account. - dpeters11


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