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These Are Your Three Picks For the Best Clothes Hangers

Amid a closetful of nominations, three clothes hangers stood out from the pack. So check out the finalists below, and don’t leave us hanging by forgetting to vote at the bottom of the post.



The wooden clothes hangers from Ikea. They are friendly to the environment and really inexpensive. They last forever and take care of your clothes. I’ve seen the price as low as $3.99 for 8 hangers. - Tom-Cruiser

Yes! I love these lil dudes — I’ve had some of mine for the past 7 years. I’ve never had a single one break. The clear plastic ones and the black velvet hangers always seem to break whenever I yank clothes off of them.

What I like about Ikea hangers is that they are super cheap and you always know where to get more of them; I really like the look of having all my hangers the same style. - Dan

AmazonBasics Velvet Hangers

AmazonBasics Velvet Hangers - Suits & Pants | Shirts

100% agree. They’re great, they’re super cheap and they are so much better than wire or plastic. - Ell


Joy’s Huggable Hangers


These are the only hangers anybody should use, except for t-shirts (then you should use the plastic ones, if you hang them, since you can stretch out your collars with Joy’s). - CubsJayhawks

I love these. A lot of women’s clothes “slip” a lot on hangers, but since I’ve bought these I’ve had no problems! They even sell clips that attach to them so I can hang my skirts and work pants. -ShinyUmbreon


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