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What's the Best Final Fantasy Game?

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Last week I asked our readers to chime in on the whole “my friend Eric doesn’t want to buy Final Fantasy VII Remake” for The Inventory’s Buy Committee column. Vitriol in the comments was mostly directed at me. One reader in particular called me out for not finishing a game that had literally come out the same day.


I found that hilarious in part because, according to HowLongToBeat, par time is 28 hours just to reach the credits. So no, while I hadn’t beaten Final Fantasy VII in record time, I did start thinking about all the Final Fantasy games I’ve either never completed or never started to begin with. The last one I “finished” was Final Fantasy XV and even then, I was waiting on the PC version to replay it, unlock the airship, and wrap up the rest of the DLC.

After I beat Final Fantasy VII Remake, I think it might be time to return to this charming—often corny, yes—JRPG series with a fresh new perspective. After all, I’ve got nothing but time these days and if there’s one thing JRPGs are good for, it’s eating up countless hours as you grind forward to thwart the next boss.

But of the many sequels and sequels to sequels and sequels to sequels to sequels (looking at you, Lightning Returns: FFXIII), what is the logical next game in franchise for a newcomer, or distant veteran like myself, after reaching the provisional end of Final Fantasy VII Remake? Let us know in this week’s brooding spiky-haired Big Sword edition of Co-Op.

1) Your nomination should contain the name of a specific Final Fantasy game, why you think it’s the best, a link where it can be purchased, and an image.

2) Vote by starring someone else’s nomination.

3) Please do not duplicate nominations.

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