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What's the Best Monitor for Xbox Series X?

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Image: Microsoft

The Xbox Series X is a rectangular monster when it comes to technical specs. Microsoft’s new console supports 4K and has the ability to output at 120Hz. That’s all exciting for the technical gamer who wants PC levels of power in a home console. There’s just one catch: it’s hard to find a display option that can take advantage of all that power at launch. For those looking to play on a monitor instead of a TV, the Series X gives potential buyers a lot to consider before making a purchase.


Buying the right monitor that can take full advantage of the Series X is a tricky balancing act. The higher your resolution, the lower your refresh rate tends to be. That means that it can be difficult to find something that outputs at 120Hz while still playing in 4K. That may be less of a problem down the line, but early adopters may have to sacrifice one to buff the other without breaking the bank or selling their soul to some demonic entity.

So we want to know, what’s the best monitor for an Xbox Series X? Some can display games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in full, bloody detail with true 4K resolution, while others will raise the framerate bar, making something like Dirt 5 into an eye-popping experience. Is there anything out there that can do both justice and actually display Series X games as intended without making players wait three years for technology to catch up?

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