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What's the Best Special Edition Console of All Time?

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Photo: Microsoft

You’ve probably owned a lot of video game consoles in your day. I mean, at this point, you can probably measure out your age in console generations. Something like “I’m seven generations old.” While I leave you to stew over that existential crisis, I have a bit of a nostalgic question for our readers today: what’s the best special edition console of all time?


Note that we’re not asking what the best regular, old console is (it’s the Super Nintendo and I won’t be accepting any feedback at this time, thank you). Instead, we want to take a deep dive into the wild world of special edition hardware. We’re talking about an Xbox 360 that looks like Master Chief or a PlayStation 4 that’s emblazoned with Destiny logos. Anything that was a limited edition, custom console is fair game here so show us your best. Actually, no, show us your worst too. Bring me your MTV GameCubes. Let’s really dive into this phenomenon and see what we can learn from the weird history of video game consoles.

I’m going to open this up to handheld systems as well. Why? Because there are some extremely cool Nintendo special editions out there. I, for one, have both the Majora’s Mask and the Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS and they’re both among the coolest things in my gaming collection. So if you had a radical Game Boy Advance as a kid, show it off! And again, if you had a downright terrible one, let’s see it. The line between cool and cringe is so thin in gaming. Your weird Warhammer PSP could be another collector’s treasure.

Start going through storage to dig up your old consoles and bring us your best answer. If you’re new to our Co-op series, make sure to read these guidelines before commenting.

1) Your nomination should contain the name of a specific special edition console, why you think it’s the best, a link where it can be purchased if possible (check sites like eBay), and an image.

2) You can nominate multiple products, but please put each one in a separate comment.

3) Vote by starring someone else’s nomination.