Image by Angelica Alzona

Foundation is a fickle thing. But when you find the perfect one, you stick with it through thick and thin. We’re trying to find the best foundation out there, whether it’s drugstore gold or basically the price of a dinner in NYC.

Lots of foundations our right now are trying to pinpoint what people want in makeup coverage. There’s the Perfecting Skin Tint from Glossier that’s sheer coverage and maybe not long-wear. Then there’s Magic Foundation from Charlotte Tilbury, which took the internet by storm with their viral videos showing how much coverage it can get without being overpowering. We’d like to know the best of the best, the foundation that you cannot live without, and preferably something that comes in a wide range of colors.

1) Your nomination should contain the specific name of the product, why you think this item is the best, a link where the item can be purchased, and an image of the item.

2) Vote by starring someone else’s nomination.

3) Please do not duplicate nominations.