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Your Picks For Best On-the-Go Stain Remover: Tide To-Go Sticks and Shout Wipes

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As much as I was expecting this outcome, I was hoping for a dark horse. It should come as no surprise that Tide To-Go and Shout Wipes reigned supreme when it comes to fighting stains while you’re out and about.


First, was the original and reliable Tide To-Go Pen. These babies pack a punch when it comes to stain removal and have the trustworthiness of Tide.

Tide to Go, works like a charm, cleans up stains and dries really quick. Does not leave a mark - LDec

Coming in a close second is the alternative to the pen, the Shout Wipe. It comes in an easily stashed packet and you don’t have to worry about the cap falling off and drying out. These are my personal go-to.

Shout stain wipes are the best, i work in wardrobe for commercials, and use these all the time. -Jade Mollino

I find these especially convenient because unlike the various pen options, with this you buy one box that has a whole bunch of individually-wrapped wipes, and then you can spread them around in all bags, car, desk drawers, and wherever else you might need it. And the individual packaging also means it won’t dry out even if it stays in the bottom of your bag for a year. - luxylux


The ringer though, was especially for stains specific to That Time of the Month, is keeping a bottle of good ole’ hydrogen peroxide handy. Though, make sure it’s Food Grade.

For the ladies, the BEST stain remover for ‘that-time-of-the-month’ period blood stains on underwear and other clothes is Hydrogen peroxide. DO not dilute, do not soak the fabric in water first. Dunk it in hydrogen peroxide, and gently agitate the fabric by rubbing the stain against itself or by using an old toothbrush. Dump out the peroxide, and repeat. Does not bleach out fabrics, and works best on fresh blood stains. I saved a very lovely silk maxi dress with this trick. Food-grade hydrogen peroxide works best for delicate fabrics. - EveryTimeIGetFollowedByGroupthinkILoseMyBurnerKey

I love peroxide for stains like blood and for some foods. I keep a little spray bottle of the plain old, dollar store hydrogen peroxide in my purse. I spray and blot as soon as I can. I’ve also used clear hand sanitizer to get out ink stains. Nothing scented, just straight up hand sanitizer like Purell. I used to keep a Tide stain stick in my bag but I’ve had a couple leak and, honestly, they sometimes made more mess than they were worth especially if the stain was on my boobs - which is pretty much a constant with me because my boobs are thirsty/hungry all the time - OurDaisy



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